Apple Store Mission Viejo - Grand Opening

February 13, 2004 - 6PM

Mission Viejo Apple Store - Orange County


The Apple Store in Mission Viejo opened February 13th 2004 in Orange County California. The very first person in line was me, DaMan. Getting on site at 8:30am I held the line all day long. I had a run in with a security guard he didn't like how I had my power cord running across the ground. If he would have let me keep my power I would have had these photos on site! :) Apple Store, Mission Viejo is close to home. This is the third Apple store in Orange County. Click on these photos to see large scaled version at high resolution. If you can not see the photos clearly you need to adjust your monitor settings. See the Apple monitor manual for additional assistance.

Apple Store

Mission Viejo

Mac Store

Southern Cali

SoCal Apple

DaMan, Freaky, Miss Turtle

Huge Line @ Mission Viejo

Front of Line @ Mission Viejo - SoCal 2004

Background of Line @ Apple

Grand Opening Mission Viejo

Inside Apple Store Grand Opening

Software Isle Mission Viejo, California

Mission Viejo People Coming into the Apple

Mission Viejo, Mac Store

Checkout at Macintosh Store CA

Mission Viejo - Grand Opening - 6PM Inside

Girl and Apple Worker
Macintosh, OC Apple

Apple Worker with Macintosh User.

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