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Does Netflix Rent Adult DVDs?

Questions about Netflix Renting Porn Movies DVDs

No Netflix is not in the game of renting adult movie titles on dvd format. Before Netflix went public they scrapped the idea of including porn movies. There is now providers that fill the void where Netflix didn't fulfill, these companies are listed throughout this site with very detailed specifications. When choosing an adult dvd rental company it is important to know what company offers which features.

Some mature dvd rental providers will give you a free period to trial their services, if you decide you enjoyed it and it works for you then you may continue. When trying out adult DVD rental providers part of the key features is knowing where your adult dvd movies are shipping from. The location the DVD is mailed out of is very important and is key to the delivery time. Rent Adult DVDs - The guide read it.

Second is to watch when your next video is sent out, your next video should be sent out the same day your video was received. The postal service is open later and mail is delivered earlier therefor if they get a dvd in one day and out the same day you will be assured maximum adult dvd rental service time. You will want to rent adult movies over the internet online.


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Netflix allows you to select your DVD rental plan, all of the adult xxx movie providers allow you to do the same, the cheaper the plan the less sex movies you get out at a single time. Remember adult videos are a lot longer than your standard titles and often contain many more features or duel sided disks for additional watching of movies or interactive games, videos or galleries.

Finally, how discreet do you want your adult videos delivered? Packaging in the adult industry is key, if you do not care or live alone or with a roommate or spouse it may not matter as much as if you have children or live with your parents still. Each of the sites listed on this page describe their packaging and methods of mailing. All the providers we recommend here do not have late fees.